“What is this beautiful fabric called?” I asked my father when I was a kid.

“Gabrio, that is not fabric, it is called cashmere and it is obtained from the hair of a particular species of goat living on the Mongolian plateaus”.

“How many goats does it take to make a jumper?”

“More or less you would need to shear three goats!That’s why it is worth so much.”

“Wow! What a story this cashmere has! It must mean it’s precious” I thought…

Our story began in the family wool mill, amongst the smell of fabrics and the incessant rhythm of the looms.

It is here that my father Saverio learnt the secrets of this craft, directly from the hands of my grandfather.

I carried on the family tradition, and I began to produce high-quality cashmere items..

Here we work “as in the olden days”, being true to those values and skills that have been thoughtfully thought us, respecting every artisan and the natural material we use.


Only those things made with love create authentic high-quality products. We all share the attention for every step of this ethic production, in full respect of every craftsman and the material itself.

Pure excellence

The quality of our cashmere is the sum of the thorough selection of the material, the industrial rigour and an artisan experience always open to innovation.

100% Made in Italy

Our products, appreciated worldwide, are proudly designed and created in Italy by experienced craftsmen’s hands, who share with us a passion for this fine material.

The founder

I like beautiful things made as they once were, with attention to every type of innovation: these are the ingredients that I put in my work, together with a great passion and dedication

Gabrio Pagnini